Gain 12 Inches In 12 Weeks Using Jump Manual!

What is the “Jump Manual”?

The “Jump Manual” is an “all in one” vertical jump training software that provides you with everything you need to achieve your maximum vertical jump and quickness, and in result lose weight!

Why Choose the “Jump Manual”?

  • Training multiple facets creates greater and FASTER results!
  • Electronic download makes it convenient and easy to purchase and follow!
  • Unlimited one-on-one coaching active once purchased.
  • Nutrition guide included, introducing the ULTIMATE MUSCLE GAINING DIET!
  • 100% support via email.
  • Will help you to gain 10 inches in 12 weeks!
  • 100% satisfaction Guaranteed, and if not, double your money back refund provided!
  • It is safe, effective and helps ANY athlete reach their maximum explosion potential!

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Why do people fail to increase their vertical explosion?

  • Lack of knowledge of correct principles.
  • Lack of knowledge of correct practices and techniques-what to do vs. how to do it.
  • Lack of discipline or ability to apply proper principles and techniques consistently.
  • Lack of proper nutrition.

Why does the Jump Manual work?

The Jump Manual emphasizes two things that no other fitness program does:

Strength vs. Quickness, and Endurance vs. Explosion.

It also guarantees QUICK results and provides a simple guide towards proper NUTRITION!

Strength vs. Quickness

When strength and quickness are applied at the same muscle contraction, explosion is the result. The Jump Manual provides you the steps to reach this explosion, and increase it over time. It teaches you to maximize your muscle strength, muscle quickness, and neurological response.

Endurance vs. Explosion

The first thing to keep in mind is that training explosion is counterintuitive. When doing endurance you have to feel the burn. The Jump Manual introduces a new more of training:


The Improvement Zone features the following:

  • Never ever train endurance.
  • Never pace yourself .
  • Emulate explosion.
  • Low reps, high intensity.
  • Pushing to the max.

This gives athletes the chance to maximize their vertical explosion potential and emphasizes that QUALITY VS. QUANTITY IS KEY!


Quick Results

Results depend on many independent circumstances and factors. The gains will vary between athletes, but usually you will gain 1 inch every week. The Jump Manual guarantees that if you follow the correct principles, the results WILL come!

The fastest results will come at the beginning as you begin to develop new muscles and benefit from new techniques that you have used before!

Most programs only target one facet. The Jump Manual promises quick results because it trains MULTIPLE facets at once, which creates GREATER and FASTER results.

There are 9 variables to vertical jump training. Each contributes to upward explosion and/or momentum. An effective program will target each facet. The Jump Manual does this and does it EFFECTIVELY!

Some examples of these facets are flexibility, form, fuel and stability.

What is the importance of a multi-faceted approach?

A multi-faceted approach emphasizes the improvement and synergy of targeting every effective fact of vertical jump explosion. The Jump Manual is the only program that targets every aspect of vertical jump explosion and quickness which causes the QUICKEST POSSIBLE RESULTS!


Incorrect nutrition can lead to cancer, weaknesses and even death. Correct nutrition is very important in order to reach maximal muscle gain and to prevent injuries. In addition, the Jump Manual is a great weight loss program that teaches you about How to Lose Weight first, then encourages you to take part, because it incorporates the fundamentals of nutrition and fitness to guarantee you the best results possible!

The Jump Manual introduces the ULTIMATE MUSCLE GAINING DIET, which stresses the consumption of “Whey” protein after each workout in order to build muscles at the maximum potential!

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is a mixture of globular proteins isolated from whey, the liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production. Whey is essential when it comes to bodybuilding, because it digests very rapidly, which allows the protein to be available for muscle building quickly.

Usually, it is used after workouts to help increase levels of amino acids in the blood, which is taken up by the muscles to ultimately increase mass. In addition, during workouts, it ensures the better flow of nutrients to necessary areas to help repair and rebuild muscle tissues.

The Jump Manual promotes Whey protein not only because it helps build muscles faster but also due to its health effects.

Due to its content of amino acids, Whey protein reduces the risk of heart disease and cancers. It also fuels working muscles and stimulates protein synthesis. Whey protein has been the focus of ongoing studies and research in the bodybuilding world.

Correct practices and techniques

By applying the correct principles with the right techniques, you will achieve SUCCESS, gain inches, and improve your overall athletic ability and your maximum explosion potential!

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You won’t regret it! And, if you do, you will receive a FULL REFUND!

Why should you purchase the Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual is a safe training program that provides you with everything you need in a workout to lose weight, get fit, improve your vertical jump and quickness and gain 10 inches in just 12 weeks!

The program is convenient to purchase and download. The E-book comes with videos, printable workouts, and pictures to help you lose weight EASIER, because nothing is more important than your satisfaction!

It is RISK FREE! If you are not satisfied, you will receive a DOUBLE MONEY BACK REFUND!

Is the Jump Manual for you?

You don’t necessarily have to be a basketball or volleyball player to train with the Jump Manual. Get a jump-start on your athletic development today, because the Jump Manual will give ANY person and athlete, including you, an advantage over your completion.

Proper training will not only increase your performance, but also increase your risk of injury.
If you’re looking to lose weight, increase your confidence and you’re looking for a fitness program that is easy to follow, requires effort and dedication, is FUN and EFFECTIVE, then the Jump Manual is RIGHT for you!

Here are some other reasons why the Jump Manual is RIGHT for you:

  • Day by day workout chart shows you exactly how to do each workout, and exercises are accompanied by videos.
  • Learn why Strength X Quickness = Explosion and the most effective and proven methods to increase both.
  • Learn to use the “stretch shortening cycle (SSC)”, Plyometrics, and “complex training” to boost your performance.
  • Learn the 9 facets of an incredible vertical and how to systematically improve in each one to create an explosive synergy.
  • Learn why the recovery phase of training is so important, why most athletes neglect it, and how you can capitalize.
  • Learn how flexibility, balance, and form greatly affect your explosion potential and how to capitalize.
  • Gain access to the Jumpers Forum where you can collaborate with other like minded athletes who have already achieved what you want.
  • Get UNLIMITED one-on-one training to guarantee that ALL your questions are answered.
  • Learn why most athletes are training harder and still getting less results.
  • Learn how to recruit and train ALL muscles involved in the vertical jump.
  • An entire section about jumping form shows you how to gain inches by tweaking your jumping form to use explosion you already have.

If you’re looking for an effective training and fitness program that will give you maximum results, improve your quickness and indurance, and teach you about How to Lose Weight using unique moves and routines, then the Jump Manual is right for you!

Make the decision and commit! You will lose weight, increase your vertical extension, become healthier, and look and feel great!

TRY IT NOW! Make a change and see the results for yourself!